Digital World and Mental Health / ep114

Sara Rodrigues CMHA

This conversation really impacted me since there were so many facts and figures that confirmed the deep impact of digital life on our mental health. I feel it is my responsibility to not only help people get found on Google and share their message, but also talk to them about how to not feel overwhelmed while running their business and doing marketing. That is one of the biggest reasons I started this podcast.

These are the topics we cover during the interview:

  • Depression and social media

  • Awareness around how we use our phones and computers

  • Stigma around mental health

  • FOMO

  • How to start putting boundaries around our digital time

  • Protecting ourselves from burn out

  • My own digital hygiene routine


This is the report on entrepreneur mental health that Sara references during the interview:

More about Sara and CMHA:

Sara Rodrigues is Research and Policy Analyst at the Canadian Mental Health Association, National, where she focuses on mental health promotion, campus mental health, and the mental health of underrepresented groups. She led CMHA’s nationwide study of entrepreneur mental health, which was supported by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).