Intentional Paid Ads with Tony Rulli / ep109

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It is so fun to talk to other online service providers who are passionate about what they do - and Tony is one of them! He runs Intentional Spark, an online advertising company.

During this episode we talk about:

  • Why campaign strategy feels overwhelming sometimes

  • How to track your ideas (hint: document everything!)

  • Learning the basics of FB ads before hiring someone

  • Simple funnels you can start with in FB ads

  • Showing your personality through your ads

Listen to this episode below:

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Tony’s Bio + Links:

Tony Rulli is the Founder and Head of Advertising at Intentional Spark, an online advertising company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through digital marketing. Focusing on businesses looking to scale beyond 6-figures, Intentional Spark provides full-service ad management that prioritizes extreme communication and transparency. Based in Portland, Oregon, Tony runs Intentional Spark with his wife Meg and their Director Of Barketing, Noodles.

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