You have so much healing talent to give to the world, but feel mostly unseen online.

 Your mission is to help the world with your health and wellness knowledge and passion but you feel frustrated and limited by your site and your overall presence online. You know you should be attracting clients online but have no idea where to start or what to focus on first. Overwhelm starts to take over!

At the moment, there are no new client opportunities coming to you online and you constantly panic about what you should be doing about your blog (you’ve written a post here and there, but no one seems to be reading it). Your business is successful but you are feeling like you are missing something and keep asking…

“Why can’t anyone find me online? Why aren’t
I coming up on page 1 of Google?


 Imagine getting consistent leads online and expanding your current client base until being completely booked for months on end. You can be #1 on the search results of questions that your ideal audience is craving to hear about. At the same time, you are inspired and excited with your content, because you know it’s bringing in new client opportunities all the time.

Be the leader in your industry without the digital burnout.


Hi! I’m Cinthia

I’m a SEO strategist for Health and Wellness businesses. With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve worked in the corporate landscape for companies like Avon, Hyundai, and Sears on their digital marketing and have been able to translate all my experience and knowledge to the Health and Wellness industry.

I know what it is like to feel lost and confused when it comes to digital marketing and that is why I use both my technical and strategic knowledge to get my clients sustainable results with Search Engine Optimization (or SEO as they call it).


I can help you get consistent clients coming to your
Health and Wellness business without the burnout
or complicated technical confusion. 

By using White Hat SEO techniques, we will build out blog content that attract your ideal client very naturally to your site. We will focus on these keywords and put together a content strategy that will serve you and your business for many months and even years in the future.


“Cinthia has helped me understand where people are spending their time on the websites and what is working and what isn't. Put into action, this will translate to actual revenue.  She has also helped make my material more searchable.”

KATHERINE FABRIZIO - raleighcounselingandtherapy.com


 Ready to get started on your own SEO journey?

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