How to add structure to your workday (the fun way!) / ep46

ep46 - liz.png

I'm starting a new monthly series with my friend Liz Lockwood of the Sensitive Soulpreneur.

Liz has been on the podcast before and I just love all the support and resources she gives to people who consider themselves sensitive and get overwhelmed online.

So, what did I decide to do? I asked Liz if she'd be interested in coming on once a month to give us a "sensitivity-safe" tip for showing up online.

This first episode in the series is about how to add structure to your day so that you feel your best every time you turn on the computer (and when you turn it off too).

Here are a couple things we talk about: 

  • How to experiment with structures that feel good to you
  • The benefits of putting some structure to your day (even if you think it will feel like a cage)
  • Our experience with structure and what works vs. what doesn't!

I hope you enjoy this episode! You can check out more about Liz here:

The Sensitive Soulpreneur Website
@thesensitivesoulpreneur Instagram
Liz's awesome FB groups (she does these FB lives which are so calming and grounding)