Feeding intimacy in your online business with Sasha Cagen / ep44

Sasha Cagen interview on the Digitally Overwhelmed Podcast

This week's interview was extra special and completely spur of the moment. Call it providence or coincidence, but I met Sasha Cagen a couple months ago at my Women in Business BA meetup. After that, I went to one of the Tango Goddess Workshops and immediately connected with all her work!

Sasha wrote “Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics” over 15 years ago and now she is working on her new book “Wet”.

In this interview, we talk about her journey in her online brand and business, how she used tango for transformation and using the internet to feed intimacy in real life encounters.

Here are some key nuggets of wisdom from this conversation:

  • Make your work personal! Make sure it feeds your inner needs to express.
  • Let yourself be lead by the crazy ideas and go with them!
  • Make an effort to “find your people”, both in person and online and don’t stop until you find them
  • Be grateful for technology but always make sure it is serving you and your goals at the end of the day

Sasha is now planning a special Body Positive Adventure is Brazil now! Limited spots available - get info here.

More links from Sasha's work:

Sasha's Coaching: http://sashacagen.com/work-with-me

The Tango Adventure: http://sashacagen.com/tango-adventure

The Body-Positive Adventure in Brazil: http://sashacagen.com/body-positive-adventure

Sasha's awesome newsletter: http://sashacagen.com/newsletter

People can also take the quirkyalone quiz and determine their quirkyalone/quirkytogether status when they sign up for the newsletter.

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