Using Facebook Chat Bots w Chrys Tan / ep110

chrys tan

Last year I used chat bots to run a challenge and ended up having a successful return on a online product. That is why when Chrys Tan reached out to me to talk about chat bots, I was more than excited.

In this in-depth interview, we talk about:

  • Facebook privacy

  • Chat Bots vs. Email marketing, pros and cons

  • The issue of desensitization when it comes to emails

  • The spam factor of chat bots (and how to get over it)

  • How to do segmentation and retargeting

  • How to get started with a lead generation campaign

  • Her 4-step system when it comes to Chat bots


Chrys generously offered her masterclass for all podcast listeners:

More about Chrys:

Chrys Tan is the founder of Chrys Media where she helps coaches and online course creators fill up their diaries, webinars, and online courses with Facebook Messenger marketing. She has been featured on Thinkific, Buffer, The Business Hour podcast, and has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Day Houston. Originally from Singapore, she now runs her messenger marketing agency online while traveling the world.