Websites in 2019 with Eliza Bultz / ep97

Eliza Bulz

Having a website can feel like owning a plant a time. You forget to water it or move it when the sun is too strong. But this is a crucial part of clients getting to know you and eventually buying something from you.

In this episode, I talk to Eliza Bultz of Made for Profit Design and we discuss what 3 key elements you need to make your site successful for 2019. We also give you some easy actions to take to start this process today, whether it be making some small tweaks or hiring a Web Designer. 

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Eliza is a tech & operations expert for creative entrepreneurs who are new to the online business space.

Her background is in computer programming, business research and international corporate finance.

She has assessed and reviewed behind the scenes tech & operational systems of hundreds of companies worldwide.

She created Made for Profit Design for female entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by all the courses and marketing strategies they tried and failed to keep up with.

Eliza helps them build a solid business foundation that integrates and fits smoothly into their daily life and ultimately gives them the space, time and energy to create their best work.


If you are looking for extra help with your website and feeling lost, reach out to me at and we can talk about how to use your site as a marketing tool to attract more client leads.

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