Social vs. Search feat. Jonathan Bentz / ep 98

Jonathan Bentz

I've been craving to talk about Social vs. Search for awhile and I finally found the person to do it with - Jonathan Bentz!


What I've learned over the years of working in digital marketing is that it's not about the tools or platforms...but instead about the strategy you use with those tools and platforms. If you aren't thinking what return you are getting on your marketing, it is easy to spin in circles when experimenting and getting distracted with trends.


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In this week’s episode, I talk to Jonathan Bentz of DOM (Direct Online Marketing) a Digital Marketing agency. We talk about the “digital circle of life” and how to balance your social post with your search (or blog) marketing.


Jonathan runs us through key factors when choosing which marketing platforms to focus on and how consistency and strategy is important. We also talk about building trust, understanding your audience, and playing to your strengths.


More about my guest: Jonathan Bentz has been 'getting rank' for businesses online since 2004. Currently, he is a Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist for Direct Online Marketing, a top 200 Google Partner that helps companies grow confidently online through PPC, SEO, social advertising, retargeting and analytics services. His expertise has been featured in BtoB Magazine, CIO, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, and several other publications.



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