Being a modest influencer feat. Chauncéa Carothers /ep89

chauncea carothers inspiring women

You know when you find someone who inspires you so much you can’t help but want to ask them all about their life? Well, Chauncéa is one of these women. I met her two years ago at the Yellow Conference in LA during the speakers dinner. 

In this interview, we talk about what it means to be a self-starter and finding your own unique way of showing up online. Chauncéa shares how she has built relationships in her own business, and some simple things you can do to build your own network as a blogger and influencer.

Once of the reasons I am so inspired by Chauncéa is she isn’t in a rush in her career and she is all about letting things happen naturally. Instead of by force.

More about Chauncéa:

Chauncéa Carothers is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Mentor, Social Influencer, Digital Marketing Expert and Brand Strategist.  Chauncéa has been featured in Forbes, Refinery29, Buzzfeed and more!

Chauncéa applies her two bachelors degrees, extensive international travel, unparalleled creativity and over a decade of professional experience to inspire others while also introducing her loyal audience to a diverse group of apparel, beauty, travel, business and lifestyle brands that have partnered with her on many exciting projects. 

Chauncéa is gaining recognition as a Millennial Industry Leader on the rise and is committed to doing all she can to inspire, uplift, encourage and use her platform to build a community of leaders who are united in their efforts professionally and personally. 

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