SEO Seasons Society




  • Heal more of the world with the words on your website

  • Attract and sign on your next client who immediately connects with you 

  • Interact with your audience in new and fun ways through interesting and unique content on your blog

  • Grow your business while helping others, by using your natural talents and having your site be a natural extension of that gift

A little tale for you…

I was sitting there, tea at hand, trying to figure out what to do with my business website. All the initial excitement of publishing my first couple of blog posts and adding some images had faded and I was left with what felt like a handful of code (and some images).


There were some serious questions whirling around in my head: 

  • How is my website helping me attract new clients and connect with real questions and problems they were having?

  • How can I be sure I am using the right words to help people find me?

  • How am I taking part in the 3.5 billion searches that happen in Google every day?

A website is like a pothos plant; although it doesn’t need lots of water, you do need to tend to it once in a while, otherwise it may wilt and die. That is why I created the SEO Seasons Society. 💜🌟 👀

There are real people on the other side of Google searches! I want to help you in making your website and Google friends, so that your soul-clients can find you today! 

I invite you to think about these realities for your business…

  • Extending your reach and taking part of the 3.5 billion searches every day

  • Uncovering unknown keywords that connect perfectly with your content + marketing

  • Start using your keywords in fun ways that feel creative (and not a burden)

  • Grow your site traffic consistently over time

  • Receive more client leads that connect with your natural talents


“Driving traffic to sites and also even executing SEO strategies was our biggest struggle before working with Cinthia - we had none! I was hesitant at first but the growth of my company has been remarkable due to having good SEO. Your website is your virtual home that potential customers come to visit and making sure you are up on trends (as google is always changing!) as well as doing all you can to reach customers online as well as with local clients. Working with Cinthia has been so educational as well as beneficial for the health of my businesses!” - Lisa Consiglio of rasajuiceshop.com


Lisa’s Search Console traffic while working with me:


“Cinthia knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I was able to employ several new strategies and got a new coaching client directly from one of those strategies!”

- Sue Dunlevie, https://www.successfulblogging.com


Welcome to  SEO Seasons Society! This is my first ever monthly subscription that will help you start ranking in Google right away, without having to go all in with an SEO Implementation.

What is the goal of this service:

  • Google and your Website will become best friends: Many times we can feel so alienated by the technical aspect of showing up on the first page of Google. In this service, I give you bite sized guidance, custom to your site that will help you make your site SEO friendly.

  • Feel connected to your keywords: Understanding what your audience is searching can completely change how your create and market your content. Stop shooting in the dark! Use real keywords that are backed up by data and aligned with your content plan. Focus on what you do best which is talk about your passion.

  • Build an SEO foundation that is very cost effective: hands on SEO implementation can be costly! This service allows you to start doing SEO today without the high cost. Ranking in Google takes time, so I created this service to get you started on the right foot right away!


  • Learn the SEO Foundations: without wasting hours looking on the internet. I give you and your team the information that is actually relevant to your business, whether your site launched today or has been kicking around for a couple years.


It doesn’t matter what season of business you are in, you can use the information I share with you as a way to attract more of your ideal clients naturally to your site. 


  • Personalized site audit by me via video every quarter, with quick-action SEO friendly changes to your unique site (value: $300)

  • SEO Industry Updates every month, that are relevant to small business (and that you can take action on right away!) (value: $150)

  • Secret Traffic Growth Library immediate access, including worksheets and videos that all my 1:1 clients get access to and that I’m opening up to the first time to other peeps (value: $100)


  • 5 Customized Keywords (just for your business!) every quarter to use in your website and marketing. These are backed up by Search Console + Google Keyword Data that is appropriate to your site size (meaning you aren’t competing against Mine Body Green or The Washington Post if your site is smaller) (value: $200)

  • Content Strategy Audit in the first month. When you first join the SEO Seasons Society, I will review your content data in Google Analytics from the last few months and integrate this into the keywords that we will pick. It is important to understand where you are now, to know where we are going when it comes to your traffic goals. (value: $100)

I’m launching this for the very first time and I’m excited to share this low-cost offering with my audience who isn’t ready to engage with me on a 1:1 level yet but wants to start doing SEO consistently. 

Start attracting fresh traffic to your site and new opportunities to your business!

There are two payment options:

  • $150/monthly

  • $300/quarterly

Enter your email information below to apply and get started with the process!


Meet Cinthia


Hi there! I’m so excited to invite you into my world with this low-cost SEO offering. I’ve been working websites and in the online world for over 10 years and I know what it takes to connect with the people who are already searching for you online.

Instead of waiting to start doing SEO tomorrow, get started today and let it become a natural extension of your blogging + marketing process. 

I want you to feel confident and inspired when it comes to your website, and understanding what your clients are searching is key to that. 

Can’t wait to see you in the SEO Seasons Society! 


What do you get inside the Personalized Site Audit:

When we feel stuck about our site, it can be helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look on what can be improved. 

Most times it is all about the details of a site that make it unique and connect with the right people. That is what the Personalized site audit is designed to do.

Topics that may get covered on the Personalized site audit :

  • Site Flow

  • Images

  • Specific Blog Content

  • Technical Changes (ex. Site Speed)


More information about the SEO Industry Updates:

The purpose of the Industry Updates is not so you know the latest that is going on in the SEO world, but rather you act on important updates that impact your site today.

The focus is going to be more on the specific actions you can take and I will help you understand why it is relevant.

This email will also help you get inspired with your website + content. Instead of forgetting that you even have a website, you’ll be logging in at least every month to spruce it up and keep it fresh. That way, when your potential client lands on the site, your website is ready to do it’s work to create a connection with the right people.

What you focus on grows. Stop abandoning your website since it is one of the most powerful tools you have in your business.

Let me tell you more about the Secret Traffic Growth Library!

The Videos

This video library includes more than 10 videos with specific tutorials that only my 1:1 clients have access to.

Some of the video topics include:

  • Keyword Placement for any site

  • How to write an SEO friendly title

  • How to optimize images for SEO

  • SEO Myths in 2019

  • On Page SEO Best Practices and more!


Templates + Docs

There are also documents I include in the library that help you organize your SEO strategy that (again) are only available to my 1:1 clients. These will help you organize your keywords, and get clear on what actions you need to take to improve your SEO strategy.

This is the first time I’m opening this library to the public and I’m soo excited to share it with you!! 


"[It is hard to find] information on the internet that is understandable for someone like me with zero SEO experience. There was so much information out there and it was overwhelming. Cinthia helped me increase my traffic, along with my knowledge of how to run my SEO myself.“

- Madison Banks, https://www.girlontheglowspraytanning.com/


"Even in our brief time together, I started to see a traffic increase. That's huge. AND you helped me streamline what I already had going for me, and that's HUGE." - Megan , https://www.meganhasgoodwords.com


How it works:

You choose either the monthly or quarterly payments, and complete the first payment.

After the payment goes through, you will be sent a Welcome email to setup your username + passwords to access the Secret Traffic Growth Library. 

Next, you will receive an email with some business questions so I can understand your goals and industry better. This will help me ensure the information + keywords I send you is relevant to you.

Once you’ve completed the business questions, you have finished the first step of the Subscription service. Congrats!

The SEO industry updates will be sent monthly, the first week of the month.

The Personalized site audit and 5 Customized Keywords will be sent every 3 months in a separate email, the first week of each Quarter. 

Once you receive the email, you will be able to refer back to it as many times as you wish and integrate it into your website, content, and marketing. 

There is no minimum enrolment period. Once you sign up for the monthly or quarterly plan, you may cancel at any time.



  • Is this service only designed for Health and Wellness Businesses?

Not at all! Although my 1:1 work specializes in Health and Wellness, anyone can get access to this subscription service and use it to improve their SEO.

  • How often do I get an email from you?

You will receive the SEO Industry Updates every month and the Personalized site audit + Customized Keywords every quarter. 

  • If I have questions after I get your email, can I contact you?

Good question! For now, you will be able to email me back with any questions that come up. In the future I’m thinking of opening a FB group if there is enough interest. 

  • How is this different from your 1:1 services?

In my 1:1 Implementation services I actually go in and setup keywords for you and take a much more “hands-on” involvement with your site. The subscription service gives you the opportunity to do some simply monthly improvement on your site that will get keep you in the SEO game that feels fun and easy. 

  • What if I just launched my site?

First of all, congrats! You can definitely use the keywords I send you to publish your site’s first blog posts and make sure they are SEO friendly. It is never too early to put some SEO foundations in place.

  • What if I’m about to launch my site?

Depending on how far away you are from launching, you can use the keywords to create your SEO friendly blog posts before you launch. Also - you can send me your site mockup and I can give you my feedback from there, to share with your Web Developer or Web Designer. 

  • How long does it take to see results from doing SEO?

This really depends on the site, how much traffic you’ve been pulling in up until now and how many changes you make. The analogy I like to use is to think about when you go to the gym and have some serious weight loss/muscle goals. You don’t expect to see much after your first workout, right? That is why I created this subscription service - it gives you the opportunity to start NOW with your SEO and get amazing results not too far off into the future. 

  • Can you guarantee specific results? 

I have clients who have worked with me for 6 months and have seen some amazing results (you can check them out here). Again, it depends on the site and how much effort you are putting into your marketing and content. 

  • Once I sign up, can I cancel?

Yes! For both the monthly or quarterly plans, you can cancel at any time.

  • Is there a cart closing deadline?

Yes, the SEO Seasons Society will close its subscription July 30th. I’m doing this to ensure the quality of the work and make sure all clients get on-boarded correctly. In the future, this might be available to purchase all year round but for now I’m closing subscription after this launch period. I’m planning on opening the subscription again at the end of the year.

Have any other questions? Email me at cinthia@digitalbloomiq.com

You are already doing SEO, intentionally or not. Why not start taking your content and marketing to the next level by using real keywords that will bring you closer to your ideal clients. 

Fill in your information below and get started with your SEO Journey.