SEO Results + Learnings in 2019


I love showing my clients the results from working with me. They aren’t immediate, but over time it is so powerful to see how doing intentional and strategic SEO completely changes your site traffic.

Today I want to share 3 client results from working with me on their SEO, and the learnings I’ve extracted from those results.

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Below I go through each result + learning, and you can also listen to me talk about these learnings on my podcast (episode 116 if you are listening through your phone):


Let’s talk about SEO results!

As we are coming out of winter here in Argentina, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection about why I chose the path of SEO and how I want to continue to help Health and Wellness businesses with their business and life dreams.

I decided it would be nice to share some of the wins my clients have gotten from doing SEO and extra learnings we’ve uncovered. And so here they are!

Doing SEO isn’t a isolated thing that only impacts your website; it can touch different corners of your business and transform how you view your content, marketing and client experience (that’s why I’m so fascinated by it!)

Here are 3 results + learnings from working with clients 1:1 and having them implement the changes on their websites:

Client Situation #1:  The first step of all projects begin with an SEO evaluation (or audit) that reviews the overall status of your site from a SEO point of view. This includes site errors (404, how you are using redirects, etc.) as well as keywords and your Google Analytics data. As I was reviewing this client’s data, I noticed that they had a post from a couple years back that was pulling in a lot of traffic! Like, way more traffic than anything else on her site.

When I pointed this out to her, not only did she have no idea, but she pointed out that that post wasn’t even related to her business anymore. But her awareness of that post completely changed how she viewed her content.

Result: She decided to make us of the piece of content by shifting the content a bit for it relate to what she was doing now and still make use of the keywords that were already ranking well. She also added a fresher opt-in to that page. This created new leads for her that were already searching for her site without making a lot of changes on her site.

Learning #1: Awareness is everything - If we don’t know where we are standing when it comes to our traffic and goals, it is difficult to make progress since we don’t have a point of reference. That why I recommend setting % goals when it comes to traffic so that it is easier to track changes. But awareness is really the first step of doing anything great (this is something that gets covered in Soar during Stage 1 - Assessment).


Client Situation #2: Getting on the phone with clients is always fun since we brainstorm ideas for how to improve their content and they can ask me lots of specific questions. With one client, I was giving recommendations on one of her top landing pages that had an opt-in (which she wasn’t even aware of before looking at the traffic).

After talking to me, she made some changes to this page, including adding more text, and images, making it a friendlier experience over all.

Result: After a few weeks of these changes, she reached out to me and let me know that she had just landed a new coaching client, who had specifically come through that page, signed up for her opt-in and hired her.

Learning #2: Small changes can be impactful - The idea of making a big sweeping change feels more sexy and exciting than all those small daily changes we could be doing to improve our lives. Same thing goes for our websites.

Incremental changes on our websites are so powerful!

During the Monitoring process of the Soar experience, we stay in contact for 5 months while I monitor your keyword progress and you have the opportunity to continue asking me questions about your website. This is important to me since I believe in empowering my clients to keep following the SEO principles even after working together on your site.


Client Situation #3: Lots of clients come to me with multiple sites but of course, my recommendation is to work on one site at a time when it comes to SEO. This last client had two sites and one was bringing in more traffic because it was older. The new site was fresh and was hardly generating traffic.

What we ended up setting up were 5 blog posts on the new site that was sequel content to blog posts that were generating traffic on the older site. Then we included links from the old site to the new site, connecting the two pieces of content in a natural way.

Result: the new sites traffic quickly grew since it was getting direct traffic from the old site. It’s ranking also improved since Google looks at how others sites are pointing to your site. Win-win!

Learning #3: Work with what you have. Whether you started your business yesterday or have been online for 10 years, we all have a network of people who know about us and want to support us. My recommendation to my clients is to work with your current community and look at where you could ask for some easy backlinks. Where have you already been featured? What podcast episodes have you done? Do you have any old guest posts that don’t have links back to your site?

Each link adds up and it ends up being a strong indicator to Google about the authority of your site.

Although you do these things organically from running a business, it is amazing to do them intentionally and build your traffic while you are at it.

During Soar, you get the opportunity to do intentional Outreach while getting my support. This is a part of SEO that often gets overlooked and this makes me sad. I want my clients to make use of the chance to grow their traffic through building authentic relationships with other websites who want to link back to them.

If you are feeling the nudge to grow your traffic more intentional and get some help (as in not worrying about the technical stuff, keyword research, and implementation) than I recommend to check out Soar. And this month I’m running a special discount with payment plan options.

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