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1:1 SEO Experience


 You are meant to heal more people on this earth, using your unique skills and talents.

You have an established marketing plan, including social media and emails.

But there has been a thought tugging on your mind lately: where does Search fit into everything?

Of course you’ve written amazing content on your blog and you are organically attracting clients through your Google (a couple of clients have even told you they found you on the First page of their Search - yay!)

At this point, it kind of feels like a fluke that people are finding you on Google and now you are ready to start doing this much more intentionally.

And...the thought of structuring your content and blog around Google’s rules feels robotic and fake.

You don’t care about Google. You care about reaching more of the humans you are meant to help!


Soar is a signature 1:1 SEO experience to transform your current blog and site content into a strategic traffic attraction tool to help you reach your business goals.



  • Attracting leads and sales every month through the people searching and finding your organically through Google

  • Growing your traffic consistently month over month on topics that matter to you and resonate with the right people

  • Getting clarity on how your blog and site is an active part of reaching all your business goals

  • Helping more people (who are already searching what you have to offer) by sharing your mission through your healing services or unique product.


Here’s the thing: having Google on your side when it comes to more traffic and sales doesn’t have to feel spammy or gross. It isn’t about following cookie cutter formulas, but instead let your creativity and unique ideas shine, inside of some simple structures that Google can understand, to then reach more of the people are already searching for you today.

Now is the time to start doing more intentional SEO! 

Here are some common SEO myths when it comes to getting on the first page of Google that you need to know about:


Myth #1 : You need to publish lots of content to rank high in Google 

Myth #1 used to be true! But nowadays, Google does prioritize quality content over quantity. You can actually rank higher for having less, clearer focused content, than by having lots of random blog posts about random topics.

That is why as part of our 1:1 work together, we will look at the body of content on your site and make sure every piece is doing its job. It’s all about decluttering, and getting clear about how your site is working overall to attract new leads to your business. 


Myth #2: SEO is a technical task

This one turns a lot of people off. I get it - we aren’t all nerds! That’s because you have other amazing talents to share with the world.

Truth is SEO isn’t just about technical stuff (404 errors, redirects, blah!); to me there is a very exciting creative element to understand what people are searching for before getting to your site. 

Imagine if you tap into a search keyword that is getting 10,000 searches a month and 30% of those searches land on your site. That is a huge opportunity for you to connect with fresh clients and help more people!


That is why my 1:1 services take care of all technical changes on your site (or work with your Web Developer to make sure they get fixed). That includes:

  • Redirects

  • 404 Errors

  • Site Speed Issues

  • Site Maps

  • Any other minor site changes


Myth #3: Keywords are the only part of SEO that matters.

What do you mean keywords aren’t the only thing that matters? Of course, keywords are important but if we aren’t intentionally asking other sites to link back to our site, than it is a huge missed opportunity.

This aspect of SEO is called backlinking: the process of generating links from other relevant sites to your site. 


You’ve already done this naturally in your business:

  • Getting featured on a podcast

  • Written guest posting

  • Been part of an online summit

These are all ways your site is naturally connected to other sites. Doing Outreach isn’t the main focus of Soar but it is part of what I uncover and encourage you to do more specifically for your SEO ranking.

When we work together, you can choose to have my team do this outreach work for you or decide to do it yourself. The point is: it gets done and you don’t lose on this major opportunity to grow your traffic.


“Cinthia knows her SEO stuff! She has a keen understanding of what drives web traffic and ways to tweak content and structure of a website to improve the visitor experience and increase traffic to the site. Cinthia really understands how to help businesses of all sizes develop the SEO optimization they need and can nudge, encourage, and educate in a way that produces results. I highly recommend Cinthia to help with your SEO optimization and web strategy.”

~ Barbara O’Reilly, Windmill Hill Consulting


“I worked with an SEO company in the past, but I was not happy with the communication. I am so happy working with Cinthia because the communication between me and her is excellent and the traffic towards my blog has increased. Also, all technical problems that my blog had are now fixed. That this is a good investment that it's worth it, in order to increase your website visibility.”

~ Vanessa Berlin, The Fashion Statement


My mission is to help you attract more of your dream clients to your site and grow your business to where you want it to be.


Together we will:

  • Build a clear Content Strategy with your existing site content and blog, grounded in SEO principles to sustainably grow the leads coming to your site.

  • Uncover your Keywords and Current Rankings and how to make full use of where you are already bringing in traffic.

  • Feel amazing about how your site, content, and SEO is an active part of achieving your business goals and heal more of the world.


How would your business be impacted if you:

  • Doubled the visits coming to your website (with quality traffic, aligned to your ideal client).

  • Got a new client by making a small change on a specific landing page.

  • Increased the product sales to your Ecommerce site by adding some specific content, based on relevant keywords.

  • Stopped worrying about the backend mess of 404 errors and redirects on your site at 4am and instead focused on creating unique content, inspired by keywords that are analytically sound AND exciting for you to write about! (while also sleeping like a beauty queen at night).

These are some of the results my clients have experienced while working with me 1:1! 


I’m very passionate about getting results for my clients. In this hybrid service I will coach you with your site and blog content where I think you will get the most impact. It is up to you to make those changes to the content (either creating new content or modifying previous content) and also make use of the Outreach opportunities I send you each month during the Monitoring phase. I’ll take care of the rest!


This offer is for businesses who:

  • Have an established website that has been online for at least 3 years.

  • Understand and feel confident in their branding and messaging.

  • Are ready to start infusing data and SEO strategy to their business by taking on new ideas and suggestions when it comes to their blog, content, and marketing.


This is not for businesses who:


How It Works:

  • There are three stages of the Soar process: 1) Assessment 2) Setup 3) Monitoring.

  • In the first stage, I will audit your site and look at where your site is at from both a technical level and content side. I will look at your Google Analytics data and assess what keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Once completed, I will share this information with you and recommend next steps. 

  • If appropriate, I will recommend to go on to the next stage which is setup. In this phase, I will actually go in an implement new keywords and make any technical changes to your website to make sure it is functioning correctly. 

  • Finally, the last stage is 5 months of keyword progress check-ins, giving you additional recommendations on site changes and outreach opportunities.


Watch this video to get full details of each stage and what to expect:


What you get specifically in each stage of the process:

Untitled design.png

Stage 1: Assessment
Timeline: 1 week 

  • Site Audit and Recommendations on how to make your site SEO friendly

  • Content Strategy with Google Analytics data review 

  • Keyword Research and Implementation around 5 content areas

Untitled design (1).png

Stage 2: Setup
Timeline : 1 Month

  • Search Persona Walkthrough, to define who is searching for you currently on Google

  • Keyword Implementation on 5 content pieces

  • Technical Changes on your site (Redirects, 404 errors, etc.) to make your site SEO friendly

  • 2 Strategy Calls - to help me understand your business more and explain support your with any additional content that need to be created.

Untitled design.png

Stage 3: Monitoring
Timeline : 5 months 

  • 5 months of keyword progress check-ins

  • 1 hour of monthly email/call support to ask me questions and get my feedback on any site changes you are making


Note: You can choose to just do the Assessment phase and then make the changes yourself instead of going forward with the Setup + Monitoring phase.


“All my old broken links now work! Yay! Real results! And that will make a difference in the quality of my blog. That’s what I'm looking for! Cinthia gives real results on exactly what YOU need and ensures you are getting quality work for your money.”

~ Karen Costello, Glam Karen


“I would say that this is the type of thing best left to an expert and Cinthia is definitely an expert. You MIGHT be able to figure out some of this stuff on your own but it will take weeks. If you break down how much you spend per hour researching SEO when you could be using that time for real work it is definitely worth it. It is a much better use of my time (and moneymaker) to see clients rather than spend time figuring out what to do regarding SEO.”

~ Michelle Casarella, Expert Forensic Psych Consulting



  • Outreach Suggestions for you to build your Backlinking Strategy (this happens during the Monitoring Process).

  • Yoast Setup completed on your Wordpress Site

  • Access to my Homegrown Traffic SEO Course (for you and your team)

  • SEO Subscription Service - you get monthly SEO Industry news, Keyword Suggestions every quarter, and access to the Secret Traffic Growth Video Library (with over 10 training videos with SEO fundamentals)

Expected Results from this Service:

I’m going to be honest with you: it’s up to you to believe in your website as a powerful tool to connect with your ideal audience. I will make sure from Google’s point of your site is working well, but mindset is an important part of this work too. 

SEO can take time and that’s why I’ve setup the Soar process inside a 6-month cycle to track the return on the keywords we are targeting.


What clients have done while working with me:

  • Restructured and updated the Home Page to be more functional and invite users to click deeper in the site.

  • Created a new landing page that attracted more leads organically.

  • Tweaked an Opt-In that ended up bringing in a new client.


About Cinthia


Hey you! I’m Cinthia Pacheco and I’m your Nerdy Data Lady and Inspirational Biz Mentor all rolled in one.

Before starting my business, I worked with big companies like Avon, Hyundai, and Modcloth understand their Web Analytics strategies and run successful marketing campaigns.

I am a bit of a unicorn when it comes to my skills: I know how to build a site (started coding when I was 10!) and also obsess over strategy (I love big picture planning that feels purposeful).

I also have a Fine Arts Degree (New Media) and that is where all my creativity around creating amazing content comes from. 

I’ve always been blogging and making sites for as long as I can remember and I believe not enough Health and Wellness businesses really know how to harness the power of Google to reach all their business goals.

SEO inspires me because it gives anyone who is passionate about what they do to reach out into the world and changes lives. 

Stop putting your Organic Search Marketing on the backburner and start doing intentional SEO that can attract more traffic and sales to your business. 

Let me help you heal more of the world with SEO! 

Cinthia P.



What is the timeframe of this service?

The first assessment takes a week. Then the setup takes a month; we put in keywords and make changes to your site. If necessary, you will need to create new content based on new keywords. After that, months 2 - 5 are about Keyword Progress and continuing to make small tweaks to the site.

How many hours will I need to set aside time for this (I’m a busy person!)?

The first 3 weeks are the most intensive: you will need around 3 - 5 hours a week to interact with me, answering questions and understanding your keywords. You might also need to create new copy, depending on what I see in the assessment. After that, it is on my team to setup keywords and make the changes to your site. After the first month, you will need about 2 hours per month to review any updates I send you and make suggested changes to the site. 

How do the calls work?

As part of the service, you get 2 calls in the first month. The first call helps me get to know your business better and ask questions about who you are targeting. This is a chill working session to make sure we select the right keywords for your business. The second call is to run through any content you need to create and answering your question about the outlines I suggest. After the first month, you can choose to use your hour support to schedule some time to talk over the phone as well to ask questions/get my feedback. 

How long does it take to see results from doing SEO?

This really depends on the site, how much traffic you’ve been pulling in up until now and how many changes you make. Since this is an advanced service on a site that has been pulling in traffic for several years, you may start to see results after a couple of months. That is also why we have the keyword progress reports: learning from the keywords and tweaking as the traffic fluctuates is part of SEO and what I help you with.  

Can you guarantee specific results? 

I have clients who have worked with me for 6 months and have seen some amazing results (you can check them out here). Again, it depends on the site and how much effort you are putting into your marketing and content.  

I’m not ready to work with your immediately; can I book you ahead of time at this price?

Yes - since there are limited clients I work per month, I will be booking ahead until December 2019. You can lock into this price now by leaving a deposit and we will get started on your schedule month.


Next Steps

  • Fill out your application for this service here:

  • I will review your application and if it’s a good fit, I will send you a payment link and contract to get started.

  • You get immediate access to the Homegrown Traffic Course, and the Secret Traffic Growth Library.

  • You receive an email with your Business Survey and instructions on how to give me access to Google Analytics.


I would recommend Cinthia's services, yes. She is fully present with me, asking tons of questions to understand what to recommend and set up for my analytics tracking. Plus, I appreciate how she's thorough in following up via emails, response/summary videos, and live chats.

~ Lorie Marsh,


I had no idea what I was doing. Ok, but for serious - I knew I wanted to up my SEO game, but I honestly didn't know where to start. Working with someone on your SEO is an INVESTMENT in your company. Get your sh*t together so working with Cinthia CAN provide the results you want.

~ Megan Dowd, Megan Has Good Words



  • Stage 1 - Assessment: $750 (Note: you can choose to just do the assessment and not continue with Stage 2 and 3)
  • Stage 2 - Setup: $3000
  • Stage 3 - Monitoring: $250/monthly

*Payment plans are available on request.


Final Thoughts

Before you go, remember that SEO isn’t a one-time thing. What I show you in our work together will ensure that you understand your site as a business tool and continue to bring in leads that are the right fit for where you are and where you want to go.

I invite you to stop putting off your SEO and instead take the leap to get your content ducks in a row and get behind the 5.6 billion searches that are happening every day on google. If you could even get a tiny percentage of that traffic, it would make a massive impact your business.

I’m happy you got to the bottom of this page with me. I trust you will take the right next steps in your business.

Cinthia P.

cinthia pacheco