How do you want to feel in your business?

This post is inspired by Tiffany Han (check out her amazing podcast Raise Your Hand and Say Yes) and has shifted the relationship I have with my work and business.

Up until last month, before going to bed, I did a general reflection of my day. What did I get done? What didn’t I finish? What was unexpected?


These are all very logical and realistic questions, which makes sense for in the day-to-day of my business. But I forgot to consider that I AM my business and being human, I’m not always logical or predictable.


That unpredictability is actually what makes a good business owner because that means I’m flexible, I’m awake to what is going on around me and can react when necessary.

However, at the end of the day, I found myself feeling disappointed, even a bit judgemental about what I had accomplished. I never found myself fully satisfied with the day’s work and it was a pattern that led to other thoughts and emotions, like criticism and guilt.


This month, I started a new line of thinking, experimenting with an idea I got from Tiffany; instead of evaluating what I physically (or digitally) finished, how did I want to feel at the end of the day?


And the words that came out of this exercise totally blew my mind away. They were things like grateful, meaning, or true love. Pretty deep stuff that almost has nothing to do with my business. And yet, when I did set these words as the intention for the day, at the end of the day I felt I had gotten so much more done.


My productivity didn’t fully depend on how many things I’d checked off my to do list, but instead on whether I was connected with the bigger picture and meaning of my business.


Becoming more aware of how my business felt at the end of the day integrated certain parts of me that were left behind. Since those aspects started to feel taken care of, I felt a more consistent line of energy and my productivity has been better. My to-do list has been more realistic and I’ve been progressing on the practical side of my business as well. It was a positive cycle.


So, my challenge to you is on a daily basis, in the morning while you are having your first coffee or just doing a couple of stretches while still in bed, ask yourself ‘how do I want to feel in my business?’.


Write down the first word that comes to you. And see how setting that word as the tone for the day, really impacts how your day goes.

I think the real question here is ‘how do I want to feel in my life’ and since we are so passionate about what we do, our business IS our life. Trust me when I say this exercise will greatly alter how you run and feel in your business!Share with me in the comments section below how you want to feel in general with your business. I’d love to know. And if you need more positive energy to boost whatever you are working on, as well as useful tips on Google Analytics and other digital tools, subscribe to my weekly digest. I promise to inspire and guide you in the right directly when it comes to the digital world.