You are tired of doubting your marketing!


It's exhausting. And you know you are doing a really good job because you are everywhere!


Facebook, Email, Google Searches and you are proud of it, but also feeling uncertain about which of these is really getting you the site traffic and leads you need.


"I'm experimenting," you say to yourself but you also know that experimenting is draining your energy (not to mention expensive).


What if you could actually KNOW which of those "experiments" are getting you the site traffic you need and actual leads and sales!


Maybe you want more people to find your content without relying so heavily on Facebook ads. And what about actually understand those numbers in Google Analytics, instead of letting your eyes glaze over every time the report loads up.


Wouldn't it be amazing to have a marketing strategy based on what is already working for your specific site?

What if you knew that:

  •    The majority of your leads come from Google Searches.
  •    Your ideal client is more likely to purchase on the 3rd visit, after coming to your site from a newsletter.
  •    Instagram is great for your branding and getting discovered, but it isn't tied with any direct sales (and you are okay with that!)


It's time to uncover these truth for your website with the Traffic Strategy Break.


This is a one-time analysis to get you the clarity you need now with your website traffic so you can go forward with confidence and strength.


The Traffic Strategy Break includes:

  •   30-min Discovery Call: specific call to understand the marketing campaigns and content you've shared in the last 1 - 3 months and what resonated the most with you.
  •   Quick Glance Marketing Guide: customized guide that will walk you through my recommended changes in a specific order.
  •   Brainstorming Worksheet: get inspired and create new content with the Brainstorming Worksheet.


This analysis service is great for getting started in Google Analytics and will break you out of the nebulous fog of confusion with your current content and marketing strategy, and instead understand what is actually working right now for you (vs. what isn’t!).