Traffic Boost : 10 Days to Grow your site traffic with SEO 


What if your site could do more for your business?

You know about SEO but don’t KNOW what to do with it? 😱😐 You’ve heard about keywords but have no idea how to search for the right ones and how they will actually benefit your site traffic (and more importantly your business goals).


"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."
~ Buddha
Lately I've been thinking a lot about my truth and how I want to impact the world with my SEO services.
Here are my truths that I've decided around SEO:
⏺️it doesn't have to be boring
⏺️ creativity is (and must) be involved
⏺️it can open up new doors to your business you'd never imagined
I'm cooking up some new 1:1 services that I'm excited to be sharing soon. I'm passionate about helping #wellness and #health businesses use SEO as a force for good.
What is your truth that you know to be true?

Join this 10 Day email course to get the chill guidance to start doing SEO and grow your site traffic. 💪💗


Each email lesson is easy to follow and also actionable for you to do learn how to start doing SEO right today!


I will teach you:

  • How to find the best keywords for your industry.

  • How to choose the best titles for your posts.

  • Secrets to getting visitors to stay on your site!

  • How to make sure site secure (for both Squarespace + Wordpress)

  • The basics of Bots (what you really need to know)

  • How to follow keywords trends, relevant to your business

  • And more!!

Each email includes:

  • Overwhelm-free fundamentals to start growing your site traffic.

  • Step by step easy instructions on technical parts of SEO.

  • Specific exercise to take action from in each lesson.

BONUS! 💜🎉🌟: KEYWORD TRACKING SHEET to organize and start using your keywords on your site!

Get 10-Days of Email Lessons for $35

This email course is ready for you to access now. Once you purchase, you will receive the Welcome email to get started.


I love teaching SEO! The Traffic Boost Email Course is a great way to start integrating the fundamentals, without the overwhelm or confusion. Plus, if any questions come up, you can use the Full Bloom SEO Facebook community!

Happy learning!

Cinthia P.

Cinthia Pacheco