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Take your traffic growth in your own hands.


We’ve all been there…

You are in a public place, a coffee shop, waiting for a friend to meet you for a warm cup of coffee but they never show. It feels frustrating, disappointing, and for some people even scary.

So, how do you think your ideal person feels (the one you’ve been dying to connect to, the one you know would so benefit from that thing you are selling, and that you’d do anything to have 5 minutes of eye ball time) when they search for what you can truly and deeply help them in and don’t find you there.

They put in some simple keywords in Google, hoping that something useful will come up and when the page loads ...nothing. Well, nothing of value. They might click on one or two of the results but soon give up, feeling sad and deflated.

Here is a fact for you: Google receives 3.5 billion searches PER DAY. That is a lot! 


But how important is it really for a business to show up on Google? Very important since it takes 6 to 8 “touches” or interactions for someone to buy from us online. In the digital world, that means that you need to have some sort of presence on several platforms for your ideal person to get to know you, trust you, and eventually interact with you on a deeper level.

Part of this issues is being consistent with our content. When I say content I mean, blog posts, podcasts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, all that jazz. If we are sporadically posting online, this drastically brings down our ranking.

Imagine you own a store with a window front on a main street. What would happen if you turned on the store lights once in awhile - when you got the random urge. How would anyone know your open or that you even have something to offer to them?

What is more important is how do you FEEL when you email your people randomly. Imagine dating someone and only remembering to call them every two weeks. The relationship probably wouldn’t get very far, right? 


Start building happy and meaningful bonds with your people today, and invest in a long term successful businesses that continuously to thrives and supports you.

Being on Google is all about answering your ideal persons questions and then having quality content that your peeps obsess over.

Homegrown Traffic is my 4-week DIY SEO program for anyone who wants to learn how to rank in Google and build a strong foundation for years in your business.

Expected results:

  • Improve ranking wherever you currently sit in Google
  • Attract your ideal person to your site and starting a long term love affair
  • Mapped out Q1 (yes first three months of the year!) content plan
  • More leads, sales, and opportunities for your business
  • Confidence boost with whatever you are putting out there and that it is resonating with your audience
  • Actually enjoy creating content and look forward to sharing (Yes! It can happen!)

Who is this course for:

  • Bloggers
  • Healers
  • Web Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Retailer
  • Web Designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Anyone who wants to sell online and be found!

What is included:

  • Weekly video lessons + Homework on doing your own SEO the right way
  • Worksheets + Templates to get your clear on keywords + content strategy
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions, get accountability, and have fun!
  • 1:1 Support from me (only happening for this first round!)

What isn’t included:

  • Heavy techie language. I will be using simple language with easy to follow instructions.
  • Long drawn out instructions. This is meant to be short and sweet, getting you to what you need to know in a fun and creative way.
  • Digital overwhelm. All my courses are fun and actionable.


Course Curriculum

Week 1 : Your Audience and Keywords

  • We’ll zoom in on the super specific keywords you need to be using for your business
  • Who is your audience and what are they searching? I’ll be showing you how to find where your audience hangs out and discover what exact things they are searching about

Week 2: Q1 Content Map Out

  • Now that we know what your people are talking about, we’ll be looking at your business goals and put together a content plan
  • Have trouble with staying on top of your content? No problem! I’ll be giving you the structure and focus to make sure you not only get your content out, but ensure it’s GOOD stuff.

Week 3: Using your Keywords

  • Yay! We have a content plan and the right keywords, I’ll be showing you where to put your keywords and use them wisely.
  • I’ll be showing you all the tricks to make your blog posts 100% Google friendly.

Week 4: Update your site!

  • We’ll be taking a final look at your site and if it’s performing in the best of way for Google. Stuff like Site Speed, Image Size, and other fun stuff. 
  • I’ll also be showing you how optimize other pages on your site like your Home Page and About Page. 

Other stuff you might want to know! 

  • Doors close December 30th
  • We start January 1st, 2018!
  • Only 5 spots left!
  • Course price: $388 (payments plan available)


Ready to show up with new energy and attract exciting people to your site? Now is the best time to start the year on the right foot! 
I’m soo excited to help you with your SEO and get you vibrating at some new frequencies out on the World Wide Web (yes, I just said that!)


Still have questions about the course? Ask away with the below form 💗


Who is this course for?

For any online business who wants to learn SEO in a digestible and manageable way. 

Where will the course be run?

The entire course will be run via a private Facebook group.

What is the time dedication I will have to set aside for this course?

There will be weekly video lessons which will be 1-hour approx. After that, you can spend anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours implementing the instructions. It depends how indepth you want to get into the material and how quickly you want to see the results.