Every week, you and your beautiful butt get out of your warm bed and work hard to:


- Post consistently with beautiful images and words 💖

- Show up and engage authentically on social media ⚡️

- Warm up potential relationships with sponsors you’ve been drooling over 😋

Doesn’t it just make you sick to your stomach? 😱 Those ugly reports in Google Analytics and the pile of numbers that is trying to tell you who knows what! 

And what’s the point at looking at all those numbers anyway (except when a sponsor asks you for your site metrics, and then you go hide out under your bed for an hour before mustering the courage to dive into the numbers)?

In all seriousness, you know you should be looking at your numbers but have no idea where to start, or how to find the time (you’re a busy lady!) to make sense of the graphs (without getting totally bogged down in overwhelm! 😣 🤖)

Let me present to you:

Google Analytics for Bloggers (beta) ✨

This is a 3-week intensive course designed for special bloggers like you who want to:

  • Create content your audience LOVES 😍 enough to share (and make it viral!) 
  • Grow your audience and traffic 💗, by knowing which marketing is getting you most traction so you can have more people to sell to and are more appealing for sponsorship opportunities. 
  • Sign on with amazing sponsors 💅💍💰 (and not be able to show the underside metrics of your site!) 

This course is your one-way ticket for your blog to bloom and grow into the badass brand it is! 💪💃

You will learn:

  • Only the most essential reports in Google Analytics (and how to read them) that will lead to understanding and growth for your blog. 
  • How to apply all these reports to your content and marketing strategy.
  • Exactly how to communicate your metrics to sponsors and feel totally confident while doing it!

All this with me holding your hand every step of the way! 💜 😊

This price will be going up in the future as I continue to roll out material so get your spot now!


I know your next thought:“But do I really need to know Google Analytics?” 🤔

Being aware of your site data is super duper powerful! ⚡️⚡️ It allows you to:

  • Make smart decisions about where to pour your heart and soul when it comes to your marketing (and surprise, it’s not always through  social media platform).

  • Understand which posts are the most popular, and be in sync with what your audience is craving to read!

  • Pitch sponsors the smart way! Don’t stutter or freeze up next time you get on a call with a potential sponsor. Be smart! And go in with confidence!

Spots are limited! Lock your spot now. ✨

This is what you get in the course:


1. Welcome Call

In this video call, we will meet face to face and get excited about how to start making friends with your data! I designed the course in smaller groups to get to know you and your biz and make sure I answer any questions you have.

This call will take place September 1st at 3pm ET/11am PT and if you can’t make it, it will be recorded.

2. Metrics & Reporting Video Lessons

Each week I will release a set of video lessons that will show you exactly which reports and metrics you should be looking at to grow your audience and understand your content. 

There will be no overwhelm, just step by step instructions where I walk you through how to start getting into Google Analytics.

3. Worksheets & Templates

Along with each video lesson, you will get worksheet and templates. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to Google Analytics is getting stuck inside the reporting and not being able to action the data.

These worksheets are meant to inspire you and connect the metrics to your business goals (including sponsorship pitching!)

4. Weekly Group Calls

Lessons get released weekly, so questions are bound to come up (and that’s okay!). These weekly calls will answer all your doubts, give you 1:1 attention, and calm all those nerves!

5. Community & Lifetime Access

There is a private FB community you will have access to and lifetime access to all the material, even as I continue to improve and add videos.

Are you ready? We start September 1st!


Meet your instructor 👋:

Hi! I'm Cinthia Pacheco and I help creative business and entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of their analytics. I believe you should take full advantage of Google Analytics without going crazy. 😎 Let me help you learn this important tool and start using it in your own business, as well with both current and future clients, distinguishing you from the crowd.

I have over 4 years of corporate experience in analytics working with companies like Avon, Virgin America, and Modcloth training many teams how to use analytics tools in smart and strategic ways to increase their sales and have a stronger impact with their online marketing ✨.  Now I help bloggers like you do the same on the entrepreneur level. 💜



Is this course just for bloggers?
Yes! But if you think you'd benefit from the course anyway, feel free to sign up anyway! You can also ask me any questions here.

When does the course start and end?
The course starts on Sept 1st and ends Sept 22nd.

When are the group calls?
The group calls will take place every Thursday @ 3pm ET. If you can't make that time, it's okay! They will be recorded.

Do I still have access to the course in the future?
You will have access to all the videos + material, even when I update it in future rounds.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Yes, there is a 30 day guarantee if you aren't happy with the results provided from the course.



Questions? Let me know!