30 Ways to Get More Meaningful traffic to your site (not just empty visits)

Image by Simon Matzinger unsplash.com/8moments

Image by Simon Matzinger unsplash.com/8moments

Warning: this is not bland checklist to use blindly when you are feeling desperate for clients. I can relate to that desperate feeling and if you are in that vibe right now, do the following: take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Connect with who you want to serve in this world and the value that you know you can deep down provide them. Really get into that grounded space and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you are feeling extra crazy - that’s awesome! Here is what I suggest: take a walk outside and visualize yourself working with your favourite client. Pet a furry animal and talk to them as if they were your ideal client. Make yourself a tea or coffee and write a letter to your future client, telling them how eager you are to help them and everything you will be able to help them with.

Ok - feeling better? Now, on to the 30 ways to get more meaningful traffic, from a place of grounded trust.

This is a concrete list that is meant to inspire you when it comes to attracting the right type of traffic to your website.

When it comes to doing marketing and SEO, it isn’t just about boosting your numbers, but also making sure a certain percentage of those visits are potential leads that will actually stick around your site a bit longer to see what you are about and eventually buy something from you.

Some of these ideas take more time and that’s what makes them “meaningful”.

I also want you to pay attention to how you feel when reaching out to people and thinking about your intention behind the connection. I solidly believe that if your intention generates a spark and excitement (maybe mixed with some nervousness), then there is way more likeliness that this will lead to more genuine and quality traffic coming back to your site.

Here we go!

  1. Roundup a bunch of useful posts from your industry in one blog post. Email everyone you feature and ask them (nicely) to share the article.

  2. Find other sites to Guest Post meaningfully and where you know your ideal client hangs out.

  3. Feature 3 women in your industry on the blog that you find inspiring and talk about why. Once published, reach out to each and let them know about the blog post.

  4. Message someone directly on Instagram and share a resource you think they would enjoy.

  5. Use bit.ly links when sharing long URL on social media.

  6. Share a round-up of blog posts (can be both from your site and others) in your next newsletter .

  7. Check all surveys you send to potential clients, making sure there is always a link back to your site at the end.

  8. Take time to understand the keywords your ideal client is using (learn about SEO and keywords for Health and Wellness Businesses here).

  9. Email three potential clients with a useful blog article that you think they would enjoy.

  10. Reshare older content on your newsletter or social media that you know was previously popular.

  11. Recycle blog content to create an opt-in freebie.

  12. Make sure all your YouTube videos have show notes and links to your site.

  13. Participate in a short Instagram Challenge and commit to finishing it. Or create your own!

  14. Share a useful blog post with your current clients.

  15. Share a useful blog post in your favourite Facebook group (make sure the group rules allow).

  16. Find someone in your network who has access to your ideal client and interview them on your blog for their expertise. Once published, ask them to share actively on their marketing channels.

  17. Look at the most popular posts in the last 30 days in Google Analytics and brainstorm additional topics you can talk about.

  18. Schedule repeated tweets around your blog content.

  19. Set up the Google Search Console and get information about what keywords are driving traffic to your site.

  20. Check what previous guest posts led to the most site traffic coming into your site and consider repitching them for a follow-up blog post.
 Also, make sure those existing guest posts have links back to your site.

  21. Feature someone else’s post on your blog or site and let them promote it with their audience.

  22. Make it easy for people to reshare everything you share in your emails by using Click To Tweets and simple instructions.

  23. If you have a podcast, make sure the show notes have easy links that lead back to a complete blog post on the site.

  24. Find someone in your network who is promoting something you believe in and do a quick Instagram story to share what they are selling.

  25. Email your list asking them if they have any questions regarding your services and then write a series of posts, specifically answering their questions.

  26. Stop following newsletters or people on Instagram that don’t inspire you and just generate negativity in what you are doing in your business.

  27. Start following people who energize you with everything they write and record and that inspire you to keep going in your business.

  28. Find your unique voice by writing and creating content that resonates with you. Don’t be afraid of sounding different from anyone you’ve heard out there.

  29. Use the Google Search Console to make sure your site is being tracked correctly by the search bots.

  30. Be confident and trust that everything you are doing right now is the best you can do and that is enough!

There you have it!

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