Digital Flow

You have a handful of online tools that you use on a regular basis for your business. Your website, social media, email marketing, calendar, and finance tool. Everything is fine and dandy until you have to get them to work together. Or maybe you are finding your email marketing tool super annoying recently.

Let me help you evaluate if your current tools are truly serving your business or if it's maybe time for a change.

What this service includes:

  • Prep-survey to understand the current state of your tool flow
  • 30 min intro call to capture your current tool set up and what your business needs
  • 3 - 5 day turn around time for your custom Tool Recommendation Document, where I specify exactly what you need in terms of digital tools
  • 1 hour post call to review recommendation doc and answer any additional questions

Want to feel good every time you open up your computer and work in your tools? Then this service is for you!

Value: $250

What people are saying:

You helped me get more organized about next steps I need to take in developing my business and gave me a concise list of tools to get me started. - Carolyn Banner @