I see you spaghetti thrower!

You've been throwing a lot of spaghetti on the wall the last couple of years to see what sticks. Does it connect? Is it landing? You feel frustrating and want to have your content and marketing nailed down and targeted to that specific audience you are meant to serve.


    Right now, you have one main purposes in your business: to open up to a bigger audience.

    You want people on your email list. You want people seeing your social posts. You want people reading your blog posts and watching your videos. And connected to that audience is income. You have a product or service to sell and you have to sell it. You are ready for the world to come into contact with all your talents and gifts. 


    Like with everything in your business, you have taught yourself, diving into the innards of different tools and reports, doing this and doing that. But now you are at the point where you can’t handle just one more thing with one more wall to scale, one more sort of marathon to train for. Ultimately, you want to take all the marketing tasks you’ve been doing and expand them duplicate your efforts.

    Part of the issue is your confusing relationship with your site and not having clarity on your content + marketing strategy has been holding you back from really expanding in your business. 

    You have great content and some marketing channels you like, but this doesn’t seem to be moving the needle on your site traffic.

    This might frustrate you since :

    • The time, energy, money you put into your site in the first place!
    • You hesitate in updating you site (what’s the point if no one goes there?)
    • You aren’t even sure what to share from your site since everything is disorganized and has shifted as your business has grown

    What if you could have the clarity with your site and content that produces some concrete results like:

    • opening your inbox and having not one but several perfect potential clients email you, magically asking for the exact service you are offering
    • selling out on your next service with a couple of organic leads from Google
    • seeing your traffic grow, gradually attracting and filling your community with amazing opportunities for you to build on in the future

    Imagine stepping away from social media for just a bit without worrying if your life depended on it.


    Additionally, not having to worry about what content you should be writing about and marketing every spare moment between client work will free up a bunch of energy that you could be using to find clients anyway.


    Hi! My name is Cinthia and I’m passionate about helping women business owners to grow their business in a way that feels exciting and authentic.

    With Traffic Flourish, I want to inspire you to take actions today to start attracting the right people to your site so that you more naturally sell and expand your business.


    In this 6-week program course, you will be learning about a mix of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO as it’s called), Funnel design, Digital Marketing Strategies, as well Growth Hacking.

    This program is for businesses who are:

    • ready for some serious traffic expansion
    • Want to try some different strategies they’ve never heard of before
    • interested in and know how to make changes on their site as part of their marketing strategy
    • not afraid of creating awesome content
    • Solid on their brand and audience niche
    • Clear on the type of services they want to sell that is profitable


    This program is not for:

    • Brand spanking new business (sorry!)
    • Not sure who their audience is
    • Have no idea what kind of services to sell
    • Don’t want to make any changes to your site or content
    • Are scared of experimenting with new methods of marketing they’ve never heard of before.


    This is the first beta round of the program and I am opening up  6 spots. I am looking for participants who are open communicators and are wanting to make real changes to their site and content. Start the application process below!

    Name *


    What is included in this 6-week program:

    • 6-weekly live lessons 
    • Weekly homework 
    • Worksheets
    • 1:1 Keyword Guidance


    Expected results: 
    New organic client opportunities coming from your site
    Site traffic growth
    More clarity on your marketing tasks
    More streamline content connected with your marketing strategy

    Beta round dates:
    Aug 13 - Sep 21st


    Because this is a beta round, I have decided to have a sliding scale payment program from $150 to $300. 

    Let's expand your business and attract your ideal client! Apply below:


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    Your instructor:

    Hi! I'm Cinthia Pacheco and I help creative business and entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of their site growth. I believe you should take full advantage of your site, by using simple marketing and content strategies that don't drive you crazy. Let me help you learn these important strategies and and start using it in your own business, distinguishing you from the crowd.


    Why are you running a beta service?
    I've been dreaming up this service for awhile and I want to make sure this group program is what my audience is needing before growing it! 

    Why is it a sliding pay scale?
    I want to give smaller businesses who don't have much budget an equal opportunity to be part of the program.  

    When does the program start and end?
    The course starts Monday, August 13th and the last day will be Friday, September 21st.

    How often will I be getting emails from you?
    You will get emails weekly for 6 weeks with homework details and call information.

    Is there a Facebook Group for the course?
    No, for now I'm not going to be using FB.

    Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
    No, because of the nature of my work and the beta round, no refunds can be made. 

    Questions? Let me know!