cinthia pacheco google analytics services

Hi! I’m Cinthia.

I’m on a mission to help Creative Directors and Content Creators generate meaningful traffic to their sites that leads to sales and all their business dreams.

I believe in authentic marketing strategies, including white hat SEO and data driven decisions that actually feel good!

Before starting my business I worked for companies like Avon Global, Hyundai, and Sears, helping them with their Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategies.

I saw an immediate need for women owned creative agencies and content creators to harness the power of Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics to get their message out into the world. Instead of avoiding the technical overwhelm of this type of marketing, I deeply wanted these businesses to confidently integrate it with their current marketing strategies.


I also train techies, like Web Developers, Web Designers, and Virtual Assistants in everything Google Analytics and SEO.

I’m passionate about helping you increase the visits coming to your site and convert them to loyal customers.


Other random facts you might (or might not!) want to know about me:

  • I’m Argentine/Canadian. Born in Argentina and brought up in Canada, both countries play an important part of my life. I currently live in Pilar, a city just outside of the capital Buenos Aires.

  • I am a certified dog trainer. Since I never had a dog as a child (only cats! but that’s another story) I thought it would be good to learn about how dogs think and learn. I ended up learning more about myself! It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • I love personality tests (INFP here!), crystals, tarot cards, and anything that leads to deep conversations.