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Slack Instructions

Sign up for the Slack group by going to this link: https://digimorph.slack.com/signup

On the left side menu, you can see the different channel groups:

Each one has a different purpose:

  • articles-resources: used to share help section articles and other resources that can be useful for both the technical and analytical side of Google Analytics
  • general-talk: this is a space for general announcements or questions about the course.
  • inspiration-fun: saw something inspirational today that you think others would enjoy? Share here!
  • introduce-yourself: if it's your first time in the Slack group, go in here and introduce yourself to everyone! You can also share your website and social media.
  • troubleshooting-help: setting up something for a client and got stuff? Use this channel to ask for help.

You can use the @ to tag specific people or @channel to call on the whole group. 

You can also directly message people (including me!) in the "Direct Messages" menu on the bottom left.

If any other questions come up about Slack, just let me know!

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