Why should you care about Google Analytics as a Web Designer or Virtual Assistant? Free Master Class

Have you been tippy toeing around Google Analytics for awhile now? You’ve taught yourself a couple things from a video here or an article there but have never actually stopped to evaluate if you can be using this tool more strategically in your business.


The reality is it’s ugly and on it’s own, it’s not really clear how (or even why) you should spend time learning about this tool.


This week’s Master Class Webinar is on this topic: How to attract more abundant clients with your unique value (by using Google Analytics).
I’m going to show you how to:

  • Expose the results of your hard work (ahem..your value!) through Google Analytics. This might be recent website changes you made, blog content, or social media posts.
  • Talk about it to potential clients in a smart and clear way

It will be on Wednesday June 14th @ 3pm ET/12pm PT! Get all the updates about this master class webinar by signing up here.


I created this class for Virtual Assistants and Web Designers who want to stop complaining about Google Analytics and start using it effectively as part of their business.


In this 30 min intensive class you walk away knowing:

  • Why bringing on Google Analytics as your ally is the best thing you can do for your business.

  • How to show the value of your work using data!

  • Client communication is key and we will get into specifically how to express this to your client.


Sign up for this Master Class webinar here.


Looking forward to seeing you in class!