The Anatomy of a Website: Sprucing your Home

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When was the last time you felt good about your website?

Do you remember when you first bought your domain and got access to your website? Maybe you giddily uploaded a picture of something you loved on the home page and then went on to write something ultra inspirational on your about page.

You felt proud and happy; this small space on the internet had your name on it and it was up and running! The possibilities seem endless and you didn’t even know where to start.

Your website is your house on the wide world web.  Unlike social media, you "own" the space and you can do what you will, giving you the ultimate freedom to show the world what you are about, holding nothing back.

And yet, maybe you’ve lost touch with that initial excitement you had and forgotten about how important it is to have website that resonates with you and the people you’d like to attract.

Starting on May 1st, I will be sharing with you the secrets of getting back in touch with your website, feeling really good about your online abode and how you welcome all guests.

I’ll also be showing you how to keep a practice of updating your website (without it feeling like washing the dishes) and know which changes you should be focusing on.

I’m calling it the Anatomy of a Website Series, and I hope it inspires you to go back to your site and make it your own again, freeing up space and excitement to show the world what you really are about.

I’d love to hear how you feel about your website right now; are you proud to share it or do you cringe when someone asks to see it?