Read first! Introduction to Google Analytics Quickstart Guide

Welcome to the Google Analytics Quickstart Guide!


I put together this guide to help you not only learn about Google Analytics as a tool, but also to slowly start to get to know your data and build a relationship, just like you would with a person.


This might sound a bit crazy but I really believe that it takes time and patience to become familiar with your numbers and what they mean.


This Quickstart Guide is focused on starting to analyze and understand your overall site traffic. I think this is a good place to start when learning how to use Google Analytics in your business.


How to use these?

I recommend setting aside 30 min for the next 10 days and reading an article per day. Also, make sure to complete the exercises and let the information seep in. Here is a break out of the days:

Day 1 - Why should I care about my analytics?
Day 2 - Starting a conversation with your analytics
Day 3 - Under the Hood of Google Analytics: Basic Set Up
Day 4 - Basic Web Analytics Metric Lingo: Metrics
Day 5 - Analyzing your Site Traffic
Day 6 -  Case Study: Using Google Analytics to understand your Site Content
Day 7 - Quick tip: What's in a date?
Day 8 - Bounce Rate Demystified
Day 9 - Search Keywords on your Site
Day 10 - Using GA to set the right mindset


Excited to get into your Google Analytics data -> read Day 1 here!

Any questions? Just comment below.