Why you don’t have to be a number guru to get Google Analytics: Video + Free Download

I’m kind of in love with analogies; I love trying to explain an idea using visuals that have nothing to do with the real thing. For example, I recently referred to Google Analytics as a messy room with stacks of papers. Unless you know exactly where to look, you aren’t going to find the paper (ahem, report!) you need to get answers.

So, let me help you with that: here is a free downloadable guide to three basic reports you should be using in Google Analytics. Nice, huh?

In the below video I talk about how you DON’T need to be a wiz at algebra and statistics to be able to use a tool like Google Analytics.

Check it out:

Music in video: www.bensound.com

With a little curiosity and patience, you can transform your relationship with Google Analytics from unbearable to helpful. And my 3 Useful Reports in Google Analytics Guide can help you started on the right track.