My Role Models for the first 6 months of Business

This year I decided to start my business. And I didn’t do it alone. There were many people who helped me, guiding me in different aspects of what needed to get done (and in what order to do it). Being an entrepreneur, it feels like there is always something that needs to get done and at the beginning it seems everything should be happening simultaneously. Making your website decent, putting together your first sales page, finding the right community of women, and honing in on your creativity are all crucial elements to building the foundation of a successful business.

I want to dedicate this post to a group of woman who inspired me to keep going every step of the way.


Business Foundations - Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca’s services help new business owners prioritize what needs to get done and get their business off the ground without getting too stuck in the details. Rebecca’s “no shit” attitude really helped me start taking things to the next level and making some progress in the foundational pieces of my business.

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Website Maintenance - Nat Real, Website Superhero

Nat caters to entrepreneurs who know they need to maintain their website but don’t know to start; should they should hire someone or do it themselves? Her blog covers a variety of topics, covering from how to choose an efficient web hosting service to how to hire a web designer.

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Community - Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

I think one of the most important aspects of starting a business is connecting with other like minded people, who inspire you and push you forward. If your business is mostly online based (like mine) it can get lonely sometimes. The FEA Member’s Club is an amazing community Carrie has built, not only because of the resource bundles, but also because of the possible connections that can be made with other women who we can be used as accountability partners, mastermind groups, or just general inspiration.


Facebook Ads and Landing Pages - Claire Pelletreau

Finding your niche and becoming an expert in that a specific area is key to having a successful business. That is something I’ve learned from all these role models. But someone who is rocking in this aspect is Claire Pelletreau. She specializes in Facebook ads but also has many other resources (I specifically enjoyed her Landing Pages that convert series). Also, Claire has a very defined writing style and has made herself known as the go-to person for Facebook Ads. I respect her for that and continue to admire the topics she chooses to discuss on her podcast.


Creative Inspiration - Tiffany Han

I consider myself creatively minded and one of the biggest reasons I decided to start my own business was to able to more freely express this part of me. I started listening to Tiffany’s Podcast Raise Your Hand and Say Yes pretty early on and it become one of those things that I knew, without fail, would energize and get my creativity bubbling. Her interviews with other creatives focus on the real struggles and fears all creatives go through and inspires you to start showing the world what you have to give. Definitely a huge role model for me!

As I wrap up this year, I reflect back on all the progress I’ve made in the last months and I am so grateful for all these women. I’m ready for the new year and for connecting with new role models!