Keywords for Influencers


The word influencer has become more and more a topic of conversation in the big online world of entrepreneurs. But what does it really influence? Is it a role model? Someone maybe we look towards for inspiration and new ideas? 

Or maybe it’s just an ideal. A beautiful dream that we can’t stop looking at, even though it’s out of our reach.

Whatever influencer means to you, here are my 10 keywords to inspire all those influencers to be:

words of encouragement for women
inspirational quotes for women
inspirational female leaders
women motivation
life tips
life quotes
thank you quotes
know your truth
genuine value

(these might change as I complete #the100daychallenge over on Instagram).

How do you want to inspire others? At the end of the day, we resonate with other people who vibe with one part of our own truth. So don’t be afraid of speaking your own truth.

If you want to be an influencer, search for those stories that defined who you are today. Get raw and honest with yourself; what events have shaped you in life.

It might be scary to see those parts of yourself, but at the end of the day, those are the things that will attract the right people to come to you.

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