Interview your Data! Blog Series with Raven Marin

I'm so excited this week to share with you my Blog Series: Interview your Data! I'm going to be interviewing different businesses with their Google Analytics data and showing them how to interpret and learn from a specific report.

To kick it off, I interviewed the amazing Raven Marin of Love and Local Business about her Facebook Users and Blog Traffic.

Raven had a very good question about this type of data in her Google Analytics:

"Is there a way to track which Facebook posts are driving the most traffic? I post in a lot of Facebook groups and it would be great to see which ones are most effective."

I love this question and in our video we uncover a specific report she can use to explore the relationship between Facebook and her Blog Content.

Watch the video interview below!


Key Takeaways from the video:

  • The report I used: Acquisition > Social > Landing Page

  • Always come to your data with the backstory on your strategy, including dates! This will help you fill in the blanks and understand better what worked and what didn't.

  • Use the following Segment to filter in visits only coming from Facebook. You can create this yourself if you click on the blue donut at the top of the page.



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